What’s the Best Class in Elden Ring?

What’s the best class in Elden Ring? This is a question that many players still ask, despite the game being out for some time now. Let’s briefly take a look at each of the classes in Elden Ring.

First off, without wasting your time, I’ll tell you that there is no “best” class in Elden Ring. It all depends on your playstyle and which build you’re aiming for. In this article, I will explain the build paths you can take with the available classes.

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I’m going to classify the builds into six categories:

  • Agile warrior
  • Defender
  • Berserker
  • Paladin
  • Sorcerer
  • Spellcaster

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Agile Warrior

In this build path, you’ll be using Dexterity-scaling weapons which attack fast. Dodging is the main form of defence here, and there’s minimum FP usage. You will wear light armour and utilise fast rolling and backstepping. Parrying is an option here, but you’ll only be using the Buckler shield which allows for fast parrying.

The best classes for this build path are as follows.

What's the Best Class in Elden Ring?

The Bandit has 13 points in Dexterity. His Arcane skill is also higher than the other classes (14), but it serves little purpose in this build path. You get a Knife, a shortbow and a Buckler shield as starting gear.

The Buckler shield is almost mandatory for this build because you’ll be parrying many attacks and trying to get critical hits. Shortbows are fast-firing and it’s a ranged option for this build path.

What's the Best Class in Elden Ring?

The Warrior has 16 points in Dexterity. His starting gear is dual-curved swords and a wooden shield.

With the Warrior, you’ll focus on dual-wielding weapons that are fast, and Twinblades. For example, dual-curved swords are great for this build. If you choose Twinblades as your weapon of choice, you’ll be holding them with both your hands because its moveset is far better. As for ranged options, you could pick up a crossbow or a bow later in the game, but with the Warrior, fast and agile attacks are the name of the game.

What's the Best Class in Elden Ring?

The Samurai has 15 points in Dexterity and 12 points in Strength. His starting gear is an Uchigatana, a longbow and a small shield. This small shield serves very little purpose here, as it’s not suitable for defending. For parrying, the Buckler is the best. The Samurai’s ranged option is the longbow.

You’ll be wielding Katanas and Spears with this build path. Dual-wielding two Katanas or holding one Katana with both hands are also great options. If you choose a spear like the Cross-Naginata (which is a perfect weapon for a Samurai), you’ll be holding it with two hands for maximum effect.

In summary, the Agile Warrior uses fast weapons and wears light armour. Dexterity is the main stat to upgrade. You’ll not be using shields to defend, instead, you’ll be using the Buckler to parry attacks.


In this build path, you’ll be using straight swords/greatswords/curved greatswords/great spears/halberds in one hand and a Medium or Greatshield in the other hand. The skills you’ll be levelling for this build are Vigour (you need to be able to tank hits), Endurance (to be able to block many attacks without your guard breaking), and Strength. A few points in Dexterity are also recommended.

What's the Best Class in Elden Ring?

The Vagabond is the best class for this build path because as starting gear, you get a straight sword, a good shield and heavy armour. The starting Strength level is 14 and the Dexterity level is 13.

For this build, don’t use Colossal greatswords or Colossal weapons. You’ll be too slow. Greatswords and Great spears are really good for this build. Halberds work well, too. When you use a polearm with this build, you have the advantage of performing Guard counters with long reach. Guard counters are a great defensive offence technique for this build.


You’ll be using heavy weapons that can flatten foes and stagger them with this build path. Powerstancing Colossal weapons is also a good choice here. You need to have high poise for this build, in order to tank hits without being knocked back.

The Hero gets a Battle Axe as their starting weapon. Dual-wielding Axes/Greataxes work well with this build as well. The majority of your points will go to Strength because this build is more or less a pure strength build. Wearing heavy armour is recommended because then you’ll have high poise. The Roar Ashes of War are great for this build path.


The Paladin is a Strength/Dexterity character who uses Incantations as a backup. He’ll also use many incantations to heal himself and buff his stats.

The Confessor is the best class for this build because he gets a good shield, a straight sword and some good incantations. His starting stats are 12 in Dexterity and Strength, and 14 in Faith. The best weapons for this build are straight swords. Medium shields are the best shields here, and you’ll be using powerful incantations to buff yourself and as backup offences. You’ll also need to invest in the Mind stat in order to get more FP, because of your incantation usage. Medium armour is great for the build.

Use offensive incantations to target ranged enemies.


The Sorcerer uses Staffs and Glintstone Sorceries as his main offences. He may also use a melee weapon for backup.

What's the Best Class in Elden Ring?

The Astrologer is a great class for this build path. He starts with a short sword and a Glintstone Staff as his weapons. He will have 16 Intelligence and that’s the main stat you should put your points in for this build.

Using thrusting swords as backup weapons is a good choice for this build path. Don’t use weapons that weigh too much, however, because you’ll only be utilising the backup weapons when enemies close up the distance. Mainly, you’ll stay well away from them and use ranged Glintstone magic to damage them from afar.

What's the Best Class in Elden Ring?

The Prisoner has 14 Dexterity and 14 Intelligence. His starting weapons are a thrusting sword and a Glinstone staff. These will be the main options for offence. Put your points in Dexterity or Strength as a backup. Put the majority of your points in Intelligence, like the Astrologer.


The Spellcaster is a mage who uses Incantations as his offensive options. You need to invest in Faith in order to get great scaling for your incantations.

What's the Best Class in Elden Ring?

The Prophet has 16 points in Faith, which is the main stat for this build path. He will also get a Finger Seal as his weapon. The backup weapon is a short spear but you won’t be using that too often in this build. But having a backup weapon is preferable.

You’ll need offensive incantations and healing incantations for this build path. There’s no need to mention that you also need quite a lot of points in Mind in order to cast many incantations.

Wrapping up

Those were potential build paths for many of the classes in Elden Ring. I’ve only mentioned the main stats you need to invest in because it’s best for you to decide on what other stats to invest in. After all, creating a great character is a major part of the fun in Elden Ring.

What’s the best class in Elden Ring? Let us know your thoughts on the forums!