Xbox Series X and S sales
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Xbox Series X and S sales top 21 million

Finally, we have information verified by Xbox on the total sales of its consoles to date

The BIG Festival is taking place in Brazil, and as usual, Microsoft has been part of the event. Despite commenting a little more about the different Xbox projects, they have given a very interesting data that could not be left out: the sales to date of Xbox X and S Series.

Microsoft has announced that Xbox X and S Series has surpassed 21 million units sold worldwide since its launch in November 2020. However, there is one number that has gone under the table that confirms the total sales of the past generation of consoles.

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Historic Xbox sales milestone

Xbox X and S Series is Microsoft’s most powerful and advanced family of consoles. On paper, it is even the most powerful console in the industry. It offers an immersive, fluid gaming experience, compatible with thousands of titles from all eras. All this in addition to innovative design, impressive performance and a catalog of exclusive games and Game Pass.

Game Pass is one of the main reasons for the success of these consoles, especially the Xbox Series S. In addition, Xbox Series X and S have the advantage of backward compatibility, which allows you to enjoy games from Xbox One, Xbox 360 and original Xbox with improved graphics and performance.

Just this success achieved with the current generation of consoles, is the main theme of its presentation at the BIG Festival in Brazil. That is why they have shared with us a very important piece of information about their sales. Thanks to a photo taken by one of the attendees at the Xbox talk, we learned the sales to date of the Xbox X and S Series.

This is a historic milestone for the company, which has never reached such a high figure in such a short time with a next-generation console. Xbox X and S Series has also benefited from the shortage of its direct competitor, PlayStation 5, which has suffered production and distribution problems due to the coronavirus pandemic. But, it’s still an impressive figure for the American company.

58 million

Sales to date of Xbox Series X and S are impressive. However, there is one number that is not directly present in the picture and has gone unnoticed. The last generation of consoles has managed to sell 58 million units.

Yea, 58 million units sold through 2020, which was the last year of production of these consoles. If you compare it with the sales of the current generation it seems few for the amount of years that the previous generation was in the market.

However, this speaks very well of the sales of the current generation. For it is an incredible sales figure in the short time they have been on the market. But it is to be applauded that Xbox has achieved in these last two generations more than 79 million units sold.