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19 Reasons to Buy a Wii: #13

The Nintendo Wii is about to launch on November 19, 2006. Between now and then, Game Freaks 365 is going to list 19 reasons each day for why you should buy a Wii.

#13 Everyone wants to buy one – What better reason to buy a Wii than to say that your friends have one. That’s why you bought your Nintendo DS, right? Unlike for handhelds, you won’t all need a Wii to play multi-player games, but it’s cool to bring a game over to your friend’s house and not have to chug the system along as well. This also bodes well for online multi-player. Whether you want to play with friends you already know or a stranger online, millions of people will likely be logged on, playing traditional Nintendo franchises and multi-platform 3rd party titles.

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