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2K Games Ships Mafia II Greatest/Platinum Hits Version

2K Games announced today that the notorious mobsters Vito Scaletta and Joe Barbaro of the epic crime drama, Mafia II, are returning in three new value-packed editions of the epic crime drama: Mafia II Greatest Hits for the PlayStation 3, Mafia II Platinum Hits for the Xbox 360, and Mafia II Director’s Cut for PC.

Mafia II Greatest Hits and Mafia II Platinum Hits are currently available at select retailers for $29.99. Each includes the standalone game, plus the action-infused escapades of the previously released downloadable content, providing more than double the content of the original game.

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These editions mark the first time that Xbox 360 and PC players can experience The Betrayal of Jimmy, featuring intense arcade-style gameplay that keeps Jimmy driving, shooting and fighting throughout Empire Bay. All three value-added editions offer extended storylines, with different playable characters and leaderboard challenges, making them an offer that players can’t refuse.