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5 most striking games from today’s Nintendo Direct

Many gamers will consider this the best Nintendo Direct yet.

Nintendo has done it again. When gamers have the lowest hopes for the Japanese company, they come out and present us with a lineup of very interesting games. However, not all the games presented in today’s Nintendo Direct will catch the attention of most gamers. Therefore, we bring you the five most eye-catching games from today’s Nintendo Direct.

Great titles for the smallest console

Nintendo has been very inconsistent in recent years when it comes to game presentations. However, big titles from well-known franchises have marked big milestones in the life of the Nintendo Switch.

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But as we shared with you yesterday, Nintendo prepared a “surprise” Nintendo Direct for today. Although many games were rumored, Nintendo delivered and gave us a lineup of great titles for the smallest console in the industry. Here are the five games that have most drawn our attention from the latest Nintendo Direct.

Pikmin 4

Pikmin 4

Let’s start the list with one of the stars of the show: Pikmin 4. Nintendo has presented more minutes of gameplay that we haven’t seen yet as well as new mechanics and game modes that will give more playability to this new Pikmin game.

This is not even to mention the graphical leap presented by Nintendo. Undoubtedly, it’s a game that will surely give many hours of gameplay to fans of the franchise.

Sonic Superstars

Sonic Superstars

Sonic Superstars presents us with the gameplay that is so ingrained in Sonic with spectacular graphics. In addition, Sega manages to perfectly mix the 2.5D with each of the worlds of the Sonic universe in a perfect way. As it should be, they keep that feeling of speed characteristic of the blue hedgehog.

Sega has been looking for a couple of years to restructure the company and bring it back to glory. And they know that with Sonic they can do it. That’s why this new Sonic Superstars is so important for SEGA and for Sonic fans.

Super Mario RPG Remake

Super Mario RPG

The classic SNES game has a new life. Nintendo has gone for a remake of a niche game for Nintendo fans. Super Mario RPG promises an adventure based on the classic SNES game but brought to today’s technology.

Also, following the popularity of the Super Mario Bros. Movie, Nintendo has taken the decision to add new characters to the game. Princess Peach and Luigi are the characters that will also take center stage in this new remake that Nintendo has presented to us.

Detective Pikachu Returns

Detective Pikachu Returns

As the name implies, Detective Pikachu returns once again to solve mysteries. Fans loved the first installment of this innovative title. This new installment seeks to offer more of the same but with a bigger bet from Nintendo.

The Japanese company guarantees that we will live an adventure that we are not yet ready for. It’s time to prepare the laughs and your detective mind to solve the biggest cases of the Pokémon universe in Detective Pikachu Returns.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Super Mario Bros. Wonder

And here it is, the much-rumored Nintendo game that has been the jewel of this Nintendo Direct: Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Nintendo has sincerely delivered one of the most aesthetically beautiful games of all Super Mario Bros. releases. It’s a unique art style that perfectly complements the classic Mario gameplay.

However, Nintendo adds new mechanics, characters, and new power-ups that will enhance the gaming experience of the players. It is a title that will surely be a best seller upon its release.


Nintendo has finally managed to deliver a Nintendo Direct with a solid lineup of games for all types of gamers. Whether you like RPGs, farm management, adventure games, or platformers; this Nintendo Direct has presented games for all types of Nintendo Switch fans.