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A streamer played Elden Ring with the Ring Fit controller

A streamer played Elden Ring with the Ring Fit controller

Playing Elden Ring with the Ring Fit controller is possibly the biggest video game challenge in recent years.

There is little doubt that the Souls trilogy is extremely difficult to complete, and many gamers have chosen to do so in various ways. For example, ElviraYuuki opted to play the first Dark Souls alone with a dance pad. Elden Ring may have just recently launched, but its debut revealed one thing: the trend of playing games with unusual controllers was bound to return.

Twitch streamer SuperLouis64 opted to outfit himself with a Ring Fit Adventure controller and go on a live journey around the Midlands. Thanks to a tiny hack that allowed him to do so, the broadcaster navigated past the Elden Ring bosses with just a Ring Fit.

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The controls are set up such that he must jog in order for the orders to work. Plus, as if that wasn’t enough, healing is accomplished by squatting. You can imagine how difficult it is to play this game in those circumstances. It also sounds like a great workout!

SuperLouis64 challenged Darriwil

To show how effective it is, SuperLouis64 took on one of the Elden Ring monsters, Darriwil the Hound Knight, one of the game’s quickest bosses. Darriwl is notable for his erratic movement and attack patterns. These make evading him difficult. Louis, on the other hand, remained undeterred and showed us how to finish him off with the Ring Fit.

In the history of video games, this is an astounding achievement. It’s not only the brilliance of conceiving of a way to play the game using an unusual controller that sticks out. What truly sticks out is the mental and physical difficulty of completing this accomplishment, which will open up a world of possibilities for gamers who want to push themselves even farther when it comes to video game challenges.

Watch SuperLouis64 play Elden Ring with the Ring Fit down below!