Assetto Corsa Mobile arrives on iOS today

Assetto Corsa Mobile

Assetto Corsa Mobile, based on the critically renowned Assetto Corsa, replicates the sensation of a genuine driver’s cockpit.

505 Games, in collaboration with Digital Tales, today unveiled Assetto Corsa Mobile, a new portable edition of its popular racing game series. It is available on iOS devices starting today.

The most awaited racing simulator on mobile devices

This fresh take on the gold standard in simulation racing games is now available for iOS devices, providing an unmatched driving experience on mobile devices. You may pick from six distinct modes in Assetto Corsa Mobile: start with Practice to learn the ropes, then go on to Classic Race to put your abilities to the test.

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Compete for the fastest lap time in Time Attack, master maneuvering around opponents in Overtake, and strive for pure velocity in Speed Camera as you get behind the wheel of 59 genuine racing cars and speed down 9 distinct courses, each laser-scanned directly from Assetto Corsa.

Day/night rotation and weather conditions

Each circuit in the game includes different time of day changes and weather conditions. Rain tests even the most experienced racers. Assetto Corsa Mobile‘s controls were designed with care by Digital Tales to make even racing in the rain enjoyable: modify inputs with tilt capabilities, touchpad controls, and acceleration aid.

Assetto Corsa Mobile is now available for $4.99 on the App Store for iPhone and iPad globally.

Watch the game’s launch trailer below!


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