Streets of Rage 4’s music and art are brilliant

Streets of Rage 4 has been out for years now. While I encourage you to check out our review, in brief, the game offers a classic arcade-style experience as you move your character through a gauntlet of opponents. Blisteringly hard, the game nevertheless is captivating for what it offers. But while the gameplay is solid, … Read more

Please stop comparing video games to movies

Many video games catch not only great commercial attention but remarkable critical attention as well. We have seen games like Heavy Rain, The Last of Us Part II, and even entries in the Metal Gear series described as fantastic interactive experiences, even heralded in the same way as Hollywood’s greatest films. I would suggest that … Read more

Command & Conquer Remastered Collection Review

I’ve played RTS games since the genre’s glory days with games like Dune II from Westwood Studios. Command & Conquer still holds a special place in my heart. Having played most of the series since its inception, the idea of a remastered edition intrigued me. Updated graphics, new gameplay, quality of life enhancements; what’s not … Read more

The Elder Scrolls: Blades Review

The Elder Scrolls: Blades is Bethesda’s introduction of their famed franchise into the mobile market. It’s now available on Nintendo Switch. While I never had a chance to try it out for mobile, I took it for a spin on Switch. Graphically, Blades looks good. Even the setting of the town itself wouldn’t be out … Read more

The truths and dangers of video game nostalgia

The video game industry has seen a resurgence of remade titles the last few years – from Resident Evil 3 and Doom to Final Fantasy VII. Even the Half-Life series had multiple fan entries made even before we finally got Half-Life: Alyx. But each and every one of these – despite being redone from the … Read more

War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Review

Those familiar with the mobile game market know that finding solid RPG experiences can be a test of either patience or your wallet. This is especially true among the freemium crowd. Oftentimes, mobile RPGs are story light, burying advancement behind various in-game currencies to make the desire to spend more enticing. Refreshingly, Square Enix seems … Read more

Cepheus Protocol: Hands-on with the Early Access RTS

Cepheus Protocol is a new squad-based strategy game from Halcyon Winds. Currently available in Steam Early Access, there are some notable flaws in its current incarnation. However, it also has potential with further development. Editor’s note: Players may find the content disturbing given recent real-world events. The game takes place on a single island where … Read more

XCOM: Chimera Squad Review

XCOM: Chimera Squad is the latest entry in the long-running XCOM series from Firaxis Games and 2K. Set after the events of XCOM 2, the story primarily deals with the aftermath of the world in the wake of the routed alien presence and the coexistence of species that were not too long ago bitter enemies. … Read more

Online gaming can help us maintain relationships while social distancing

With the COVID-19 pandemic reaching its heights in recent days, we’ve had to relearn how we communicate with one another. Before, we’d meet with friends or family in person. Now, people are scheduling meetings over Facetime, or Zoom, or any other number of utilities that allow for not only a voice but a face to … Read more