Auto Defense is now available on iOS

Auto Defense

The latest Gameloft product from their Cluj studio, Auto Defense, was published as an Early Access title on Android a month ago. Now it is available for iOS too.

Auto Defense is now available globally on the App Store, a month after Gameloft published an Early Access version for Android with over 50k downloads. Auto Defense is a brand new take on the tower defense genre, allowing players to combine turret’s special features and protect themselves from a threat of blobby aliens.

“Auto Defense takes a sometimes simple game genre – Tower Defense – and adds a unique roguelite twist to it, while bringing all sorts of nuanced elemental and special ability skills that ratchet up the complexity,” says Gameloft’s Thomas Aurick. “We’ve been having a lot of fun playing Auto Defense internally, and we look forward to seeing what the public thinks, too.”

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Turrets feature a variety of special powers, such as poison, strong area-of-effect explosives, speed-focused miniguns, long-range attackers, freezing ice guns, flame-focused burners, and many others. Combine them to form unique and powerful defenses. Protect a castle in a variety of biomes. If you fail, don’t worry, since roguelite mechanisms enable players to improve their turrets and gain even more powerful powers.

You can download Auto Defense on your iOS device from the App Store. It’s also on Android via Google Play.

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