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Ballmer and Kutaragi ”Don’t Matter”

CNNMoney.com posted an article that is sure to make PR reps at Sony and Microsoft angry. “Let’s face it: The head of the world’s biggest software company is a lame duck,” the article says about Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. “And with employees and investors still in a froth over the company’s low share price, it will be increasingly tempting for Ballmer to follow Bill’s lead, and make boosting the shares someone else’s problem.” No word from Microsoft on whether Ballmer will take the article up on that offer.

Sony Computer Entertainment’s president wasn’t left without criticism either. Ken Kutaragi, the so-called “Father of PlayStation”, comes under fire for forcing the Blu-ray on consumers that don’t seem interested in next-generation DVDs (though in fairness to Kutaragi, Sony’s film division may have more leverage and interest within the company to make these determinations). “Remember the Betamax debacle? Sony seems to have forgotten all about it,” the article says.

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