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Barrow Hill Creeps Closer to Release

UK based game developers, Shadow Tor
Studios, are proud to announce that Barrow Hill, their first full adventure
title, has been shipped to the manufacturers, and will be available to
gamers shortly afterwards. Barrow Hill: The eerie Cornish landscape is brought to life like never
before. Arriving during the Autumn Equinox you have one night to unravel a
sinister story. Explore the well-trodden pathways across the land, seek
clues in almost forgotten shrines and experience the ancient force which
exists in the standing stone monument known as Barrow Hill.

Ancient Celtic Monuments: Standing stones are, perhaps, the most mysterious
wonders of the ancient world. There are still no satisfactory explanations
as to what they are, how they were built, and who constructed them. A
detailed, and spellbinding, story is woven through the very fabric of Barrow
Hill, offering possible explanations, further mysteries and a chance to get
beneath the surface of archaeology like no other game before it.

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