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Battlefield 2: Modern Combat Deployed on 360

The battlefield comes to life like never before! Electronic Arts announced today that Battlefield 2: Modern Combat has shipped to stores nationwide on the Xbox 360. The first-ever next generation console installment of the Battlefield franchise drops players into the heat of battle on the high tech frontlines with breathtaking visuals, a new physics engine, environmental damage modeling, and an overhauled AI system.

The Xbox 360 version includes all of the content from the Xbox version, plus the three new maps and four new vehicles from the “Warsome Booster Pack� released in December. Players will experience the full effect of the graphics upgrade with spent minigun shells raining down on them from passing helicopters, while bullets score the environment around them and exploding tank shells distort their vision.

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“Battlefield 2: Modern Combat delivers the definitive Battlefield experience for the Xbox 360 and offers a great way for gamers to experience the franchise on the next generation system.� said EA’s executive producer, Jeff Gamon. “Combining the re-engineered A.I. and the stunning graphics of the Xbox 360 bring the battlefield to life like never before.�