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Battlefield 2 Xbox 360 Demo Available on Live

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat hits shelves on April 12th, but to make the wait a little easier we’re giving you a free taste of the critically acclaimed multiplayer action. Download your free online multiplayer demo from Xbox Live Marketplace, and experience the no-holds-barred intensity of the massively popular “Bridge Too Far� level.

Fly helicopters to the top of towering cranes and skyscrapers, to gain prime Sniper vantage points. Two rivers provide natural barriers, but the raised drawbridges mean a Hummer can execute a heart-stopping jump to gain the element of surprise. Add powerful tanks and devastating artillery strikes to the equation, and it’s no wonder the most popular map from the Xbox version will soon be the definitive multiplayer experience on Xbox 360.

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To Download the Battlefield 2: Modern Combat Demo:

1. Sign in to Xbox Live from the Xbox Dashboard.
2. Download your free demo from the Xbox Live Marketplace.