Best Quests in the Falkreath Region of Skyrim

These are the best quests in the Falkreath Region of Skyrim. The main reason why I chose to include quests from Falkreath only in this list is that it is one of the most beautiful locations in Skyrim. The whole Hold is lush with giant trees and dense with grass and foliage. The lake of Ilinalta in the Hold only adds to the serene beauty of the region. The view of the mountains from Lake Ilinalta looks especially gorgeous in the evening hours.

At the center of it, there’s the rural town of Falkreath with its big graveyard that adds a strange sort of quaint beauty to the town. Despite the town’s running theme being something as dark as death, it actually adds to the authenticity of this place… I’m getting carried away here. Let’s proceed to list the best quests in the Falkreath Region of Skyrim.

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Disclaimer: other than a few details, there will be no spoilers for the quests on this list.

Ill Met By Moonlight

Upon entering the town of Falkreath, you will notice the huge cemetery, and the sight of a funeral will catch your eye. By talking with the people in the cemetery, you will uncover that this death is far more sinister and disturbing than you would’ve expected.

The ones you talked to here are the parents of a poor girl, who now lies dead in the cold, harsh soil of Falkreath. The cause of her death is devastating. The father tells the Dragonborn of how a man named Sinding “tore her apart with his hands”. Quite disturbing, indeed. Now you’re tasked with uncovering more about this tragedy.

A Daedra’s Best Friend

Best Quests in the Falkreath Region of Skyrim

“Have you seen a dog outside?”

This is a question the guards in front of Falkreath’s gate will ask you, just as you enter the town. The canine the guard is talking about belonged to the town’s blacksmith, a man of honor. You can then proceed to search the surroundings of the town for this dog.

You will then meet this furry friend, except he’s a lot more talkative than you’d expect from a dog. This might be a matter of surprise to you; or not, because of the already more bizarre happenings in the frozen province of Skyrim. But in any case, this is the start of a Daedric quest, as the name of the quest itself says. You will be traveling to another region from Falkreath in this quest, but it’s still applicable to the list.

The Thane of Falkreath

Best Quests in the Falkreath Region of Skyrim

You may have received a letter from Jarl Siddgeir of Falkreath, asking you to come to meet him. This is because of your renown as an important person. People hear things, and they talk. In any case, visiting the Jarl of Falkreath will grant you a few quests. Some of which are somewhat sinister and seemingly a little corrupt…

In any case, you will discover more information about the politics of this town, and eventually, you will get the chance to become the thane of Falkreath. You will have to help a couple of people in order to gain their trust and friendship in order to become the Thane. After doing so, Siddgeir will grant you the ability to purchase a plot of land in a calm and tranquil place in the Falkreath Hold.

Do keep in mind that you need to have the Hearthfire DLC, which I’m sure you have. You can now start building your own manor here. Your manor’s name is Lakeview Manor, a fitting name considering the beautiful view of Lake Ilinalta from this plot of land.