Best Spirit Ashes in Elden Ring other than the Mimic Tear

These are the best Spirit Ashes in Elden Ring other than the widely popular and overpowered Mimic Tear. Summoning help is one of the most helpful mechanics of Elden Ring, especially when facing multiple opponents at once.

Some of these Spirit Ashes are good distractions while the others are powerful in combat. Every Spirit Ash included in this list can be upgraded with Grave Glovewort or Ghost Glovewort. The locations of these Summons are also included.

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Banished Knight Oleg

Best Spirit Ashes in Elden Ring other than the Mimic Tear
Art by Tukumo99:

My personal favorite Spirit Summon, the Banished Knight Oleg is a hulking knight who’d eliminated a hundred traitors as a Lord’s Hand. He wields two Greatswords and is extraordinarily fast for his size.

You can find the Ashes in Fringefolk Hero’s Grave, which you can access by using two Stonesword Keys near the Imp Statue right next to the Stranded Graveyard Site of Grace. Defeating the boss at the end of this dungeon rewards you with this Ashen Remains.

At the maximum level of +10 (upgraded with Ghost Glovewort), he can deal substantial amounts of damage to enemy health and posture. His massive health pool keeps him from being slain in battle quickly. It costs 100 FP to summon him.


Best Spirit Ashes in Elden Ring other than the Mimic Tear

Clear out the Impaler’s Catacombs in the Weeping Peninsula to obtain this Summon. It costs a mere 69 FP to summon five of these boys and they’re rather vicious. While their health or attack power clearly is inferior to the more advanced summons, their numbers make up for it. If you summon them at night, they’re especially violent and chaotic. Upgrade them with Grave Gloveworts for enhanced capabilities in battle.

Golden Vow is a great way to buff all five of them, allowing for increased attack power and resistance. These five boys are some of the most underrated spirit summons in the game, and they prove to be an excellent distraction for your enemies.

Ancient Dragon Knight Kristoff

Kristoff is one of the most powerful and esteemed knights in Elden Ring lore; he’s also one of the best spirit summons in the entire game. He’s a tank when it comes to battle and he uses both melee attacks and incantations to overwhelm his foes.

Clear out the Sainted Hero’s Grave in Leyndell to get these Ashen Remains. At the maximum level (upgraded using Ghost Gloveworts), he may even persevere longer in battle than you. With his hard-hitting attacks, he can knock down enemies with low poise and regularly break their stances.

His utilization of lightning strike incantations will effectively distract your enemies, allowing for windows of attack. It costs 108 FP to summon him.

Kaiden Sellsword

This huge warrior is a machine when it comes to staggering enemies. With his Dismounter, he continuously performs heavy attacks that distract the enemy while simultaneously staggering them to kingdom come.

Defeat the end boss at the Cliffbottom Catacombs in Liurnia to get the ashes. You can summon him at the cost of 88 FP. I like to consider him as another greatly underappreciated summons, as he’s immensely powerful at the maximum level.

Greatshield Soldiers

Obtain these Ashen Remains at Nokron, Eternal City to summon five Greatshield Soldiers for 74 FP. While they don’t look like much, they’re one of the greatest defensive summonses in the game. They constantly attract enemy attention, creating windows for attacks.

At the maximum level, they can protect you from many boss attacks too. They surround you when enemies use ranged attacks and that proves to be excellent defense. Unless your enemies have ways to bypass their greatshields, they’ll last very long in battle.