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In this article, we’ll talk about some great and collectible vintage mechanical keyboards for any and all enthusiasts. While many of these keyboards are great for working and typing more than gaming, I believe they still deserve a mention because of their sleek designs and excellent build quality.

So, without further ado, let’s count down some of the best vintage mechanical keyboards!

8BitDo Retro Mechanical Keyboard

For those who are willing to spend on an excellent keyboard, the 8BitDo Retro Mechanical Keyboard is probably the definitive vintage keyboard to get.

Featuring a hot-swappable printed circuit board and Kalih Box White V2 switches, you also get two super buttons with the keyboard, to which you can assign other key combinations. It supports Bluetooth, wired and wireless connections, making it incredibly versatile. Its blocky and heavy build will also be enticing to many.

This keyboard costs around $100. You can find it on Amazon.

AZIO Retro Classic

Another modern vintage keyboard, the AZIO Retro Classic costs a hefty $230. But it has an excellent build quality that includes a wooden or leather surface, great switches (made by Kalih), and keys that produce sounds that are similar to those made with typewriters, this is a great keyboard for productivity. It also has three backlight modes for use in the dark.

However, as with many keyboards on this list, these aren’t as good for gaming as keyboards designed for that purpose in mind. You can find it on Amazon.

NACODEX F11 Retro Mechanical Keyboard

This keyboard has more of a modern twist than the previously mentioned two. However, it’s good for all purposes, including gaming, and its price of around $80 is certainly better than those of the last two.

This single-color backlit keyboard features Red Cherry MX switches and SA spherical keycaps. It’s also a full-size keyboard. You can find it on Amazon.

IBM Model M

This was one of the most popular keyboards back in the day and while it might be somewhat hard to find one in this day and age, this iconic keyboard will certainly look great in a collection. While there certainly are newer keyboards that are better, it’s for a reason that the Model M was widely considered the greatest keyboard back in the day. You may be able to find it on eBay.