Bethesda Ditching Subscriptions for Elder Scrolls Online


Tired of paying to play your copy of Elder Scrolls Online? We have good news!

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Bethesda today announced that the game was ditching a paid subscription model. The game is being rebranded as The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited ahead of its expected June 9 launch on PS4 and Xbox One. That version of the game will not require a paid subscription.

If you’re one of the PC gamers that already own Elder Scrolls Online, don’t worry, you’re covered too. Existing PC gamers are being upgraded to Tamriel Unlimited for free.

Aside from needing to buy the base game, there is obviously a catch: all DLC packs will come at a price, unless you opt for a new optional subscription package, as detailed on the PlayStation Blog:

Tamriel Unlimited also debuts ESO’s new optional membership package, ESO Plus. With this premium membership service, players will be granted free access to all of the game’s DLC game packs; bonuses to XP, gold, and crafting; and a monthly allotment of Crowns to purchase items from the Crown Store. What’s the Crown Store, you ask? This is an all-new merchant store to ESO full of optional cosmetic and convenience items you can purchase for Crowns, a new currency allowing you to buy content directly from PlayStation Store. You’ll be able to fully enjoy ESO without being a member, but we think you’ll really enjoy the benefits if you have fun playing the game.

What do you think of the news? Will you buy the game now that it does not require a subscription? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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