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Bioware is selling Mass Effect scented candles

BioWare is selling Mass Effect scented candles

You’ll get 40 hours of burn time instead of playtime with the new Mass Effect scented candles.

Although Mass Effect fans have longed for a new game ever since Andromeda launched in 2017, their burning desire for a new game will have to settle for a… candle?

Yeah, that’s right. BioWare is selling a Mass Effect Element Zero scented candle. The coconut soy wax candle smells like orange wood and cedar wood. It’s only available online through the BioWare Gear store.

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Here’s a description from the product page:

Found in the asteroid debris that orbits neutron stars and pulsars, Element Zero is the reason faster-than-light space travel is not just a distant dream anymore, or the creation of mass effect field is not just a possibility but an abundant reality. Whether it’s advanced medicines at the Citadel or the Tantalus drive core of the SSV Normandy, Element Zero is at the heart of all things modern.

This scented candle comes in a 6oz tin and is made using coconut soy wax. With a burn time of 40 hours, the Mass Effect Element Zero Scented Candle permeates its rich orange and cedar wood fragrance throughout your home. The tin features SSV Normandy labels, making it look like an eezo storage container.

Who knows when the next game will come out, but at least we can get a scented candle. Am I right?