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Blizzard teases new Hearthstone expansion, plans July 1 reveal

Hearthstone expansion

As the Year of the Gryphon in Hearthstone progresses, so does the development team’s content. On July 1, Blizzard will disclose everything about the upcoming expansion.

The new addition was teased on the game’s official Twitter account, along with the announcement of a July 1st presentation stream.

In conjunction with the video’s release, the game’s website published a blog post with further information. The celebrations will be hosted by game designers Alec Dawson, Liv Breeden, and John McIntyre. They will provide details about the next card set, what’s coming to Battlegrounds, and how Phase 2 will look in the Year of the Gryphon.

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Alliance troops can be seen in the footage smashing their spears into the ground in formation while a banner falls behind them. The phrase “Tankards Up!” is displayed at the end of the brief teaser.

How to watch

The development team will conduct an expansion reveal event on Thursday, July 1 at 1 PM Eastern Time. The event will be broadcast on the game’s official Twitch and YouTube channels.