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Brute Force Review

Developer: Digital Anvil Publisher: Microsoft
Release Date: May 27, 2003 Also On: None

If you have been keeping tabs on the Xbox lately, then you’ve heard of Brute Force. It was supposedly going to be the next big thing since Halo. Now that it’s finally here, does it measure up to all of the high expectations put on it, or does it crash and burn like many others that have tried to be as good as the now legendary Halo.

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The weapons design are among the good stuff. There are plenty of varied guns, a two-weapon system ripped from Halo and a control scheme snagged from Bungie’s masterpiece as well. The character designs are also outstanding. In fact, they are the highlight of the game. Every last blade of grass is bump-mapped and outdoor environments are handled nicely. However, every enemy in the game looks exactly the same as every other one. Bosses look exactly the same as other bosses and normal enemies all look exactly the same. Graphics are solid, but not complete.

The music and voice acting are cheesy, but fit appropriately for the games vibe. The weapons and explosions are quite satisfying; they sound extremely well and are even better when using the surround sound capabilities of the Xbox. The music sounds like something from a 1980s knock-off sci-fi show but again it fits well with what Brute Force is doing. It doesn’t change according to events in the game like the music in Halo, but you will recognize the consistent crappiness throughout your time with BF.

The game play feature would have been extremely better if these things were added, 1. a storyline to go with the game, 2. reasons for attacking the enemies. You are not told why, but you’re just told to eliminate them. Finally, 3. changing the level. There are six different worlds, but you keep going back to the same levels over and over. If all of this was added, Brute Force would be an outstanding game, but they aren’t so you just have to live with the simple campaign that offers nothing, 1-4 player multi-player campaign, or the 1-16 player matches that is a direct rip off of the games seen in Halo.

With no story, no reason, and loads of replication from Halo, Brute Force doesn’t have anything on Halo. More people would rather buy and play Halo than Brute Force even though Brute Force sold through the roof, because of all of the hype behind it. Not many people will be buying it anymore. To put it simply, this game is the next Halo, if you call taking everything Halo and putting it into a game that is terrible and can’t handle it the next Halo.

The campaign mode is horrible with no storyline at all included and with enemies that make you think that you are taking part in the Clone Wars from the Star Wars universe since they all look exactly the same. Multi-player is great but this is only because it’s a Halo rip. Campaign mode has 20+ hours of game play, but that is if you even want to venture into a shooter world with no story or reason behind it. If you are thinking about picking this game up, we here at Game Freaks 365 suggest that you rent this one first.

Graphics: 8
Sound: 6.5
Gameplay: 5
Creativity: 6
Replay Value/Game Length: 8
Final: 6.7
Written by Shawn Review Guide