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Bug Academy launches on Steam today; Switch version coming soon

Bug Academy is a cute and crazy new 2.5D arcade-style game out now for PC via Steam. It’s coming soon to Nintendo Switch.

The game has players train bugs – everything from flies and fireflies to mosquitoes and bees. It covers typical situations of insect life, such as guarding animals in pastures, working in mines, putting out fires, catching ghosts, painting pictures, and firing rockets.

Bug Academy allows you to control insects and even their entire swarm,” says the game’s creator, Jacek Perzanowski. He says that the goal of the game is to “perform tasks the best or the fastest.”

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“The gameplay is quick and intense. What is important is that the vast majority of elements are distinguished by their interactivity – they can be destroyed, moved or grabbed. The insects themselves are also diverse because each species has special abilities,” Perzanowski adds.

Bug Academy got off the ground as a successful Kickstarter campaign. The Polish indie studio Igrek Games is behind the game. The publishers are Gaming Factory and Ultimate Games.

The Switch version will launch in Q1 2020. The publishers say that they “do not rule out” bringing the game to other platforms in the future.

Watch the game’s launch trailer below!