Chapters Writing Room launches narrative game publishing platform

Chapter Writing Room

Crazy Maple Studio, publisher of immersive and interactive mobile serial fiction stories, announced today the launch of their narrative game publishing platform. It’s known as Chapters Writing Room.

Crazy Maple Studio is the world’s first business to create an accessible platform for authors to become narrative game producers. Combine video, music, visuals, and game choice into your stories. Prior to Chapters Writing Room, people without substantial coding, design, and programming expertise were unable to gamify stories.

With its user-friendly interface, Chapters Writing Room enables the future generation of interactive and narrative game developers to create, produce, and eventually market their narrative game creations. Narrative games created in the Chapters Writing Room platform will be released in the Chapters: Interactive Stories app as part of the User Stories.

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The website’s launch is simply the first step. The Crazy Maple Studio team wanted to provide a platform for storytellers to practice their narrative, serial, and interactive fiction abilities while also making money. Then, starting in the autumn of 2021, narrative game storytellers utilizing Chapters Writing Room will be able to sell their games to 17+ mobile buyers within Chapters Community.

“Helping our community grow their own storytelling skills has been a vision of mine from the start. This product, driven by our team’s inspiration of emerging writers on ‘Chapters Community,’ is a passion project from our team to tomorrow’s storytellers,” said Joey Jia, Crazy Maple Studio founder and CEO.

“Narrative gaming, like book publishing, has long been controlled by a small collective of publishers. Today with ‘Chapters Writing Room,’ we are empowering the next generation of narrative game storytellers around the globe to tap into their creative multi-media talents to gamify their stories, find an audience and monetize their ideas,” he added.

The Chapters Writing Room app is now available on iOS and Android devices.

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