Chaser Tracer delivers a unique new synthwave experience

Chaser Tracer

Featuring a nostalgic synthwave soundtrack and addictive arcade-style gameplay, Chaser Tracer is out now on Android and iOS.

Chaser Tracer delivers finely tuned, blood-pumping ‘80s thrills to smartphones and tablets everywhere. The game from indie studio Adki Works challenges you to safely deactivate the Oblivion Orb – a mass extinction device – while racing against time to decode thousands of alien symbols before it annihilates all life in the universe.

You decipher alien symbols in the form of shapes that vary in size and complexity. You trace them with your fingers. Meanwhile, the Chaser – a security device designed to safeguard the Oblivion Orb – will go to any length to complete its mission.

Decipher the symbols before the Chaser does, but you will need to be cautious. It becomes stronger as you get closer to deactivating the Oblivion Orb. If all else fails, make liberal use of your power-up slots, such as simplifying a symbol or slowing down the Chaser.

At its very core, Chaser Tracer is a little trip down memory lane. The initial idea was based on a game we played as kids: Duck Duck Goose. This simple concept of being chased by something led to the idea of Chaser Tracer. To take things up a notch, we explored the procedural generation of shapes – which was then incorporated as the core foundation for level creation, player hazards, and even the design of the power-ups.

Adam Zerlin (Co-Founder, Adki Works)


Chaser Tracer features an ear-pleasing synthwave soundtrack in combination with ’80s-inspired biomes and matching sound effects.

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With a procedurally-generated world for max replayability, useful power-ups to help players through 100 levels, and achievements and leaderboards that make it easy to strut your stuff, Chaser Tracer should make for a nice addition to your mobile gaming library.


Besides including in-app purchases, Chaser Tracer is now available on Android and iOS for free. You can download it from the App Store and Google Play.

Watch the launch trailer below!

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