Clea launches on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch in time for Halloween

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Clea Nintendo Switch screenshot

The survival horror game Clea is out now on Xbox One and coming to Nintendo Switch just in time for Halloween. The developers promise no cheap jump scares.

Here is a description of the game from Sekai Games:

After experimenting on the Chaos Servants, Clea’s parents have let the monsters loose in the Whitlock Mansion. Trapped inside by her family, Clea must find her way out and escape with her little brother in tow. This Halloween help Clea solve puzzles and avoid the Chaos Servants in this exciting paper theater game!

In Clea, players follow the young woman and her brother as they attempt to escape a house filled with beings that mean them harm. Players must stay alert, listening, and wondering where these creatures could be. Solving puzzles, hiding, collecting, and using objects to safely get through the sinister mansion and escape.

Outwit the Chaos Servants who are on the hunt. Listen for their footsteps, peek around doors, and stay far, far away from impending dangers. Hunt down key items and solve the puzzles designed to lock you from the outside world and unveil the family history,  and possibly discover their bloodline is filled with dark memories. Obtain memory orbs and uncover your family secrets through bonus chapters.

Clea is already out on Xbox One via the Microsoft Store. It launches on October 30 for the Switch via the Nintendo eShop. It was previously released on PC via Steam.

Watch the launch trailer below!