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Codemasters Causes a Stink w/ The Turds

It’s time to cut the crap and see what life is like beyond the toilet bowl as Codemasters announced today the signing of the cult character brand The Turds for its casual gaming portfolio. In an exclusive deal with Pacemaker UK, the characters’ creators, The Turds will star in a series of free-to-play web games developed by Pilot Interactive. The games will be featured on a dedicated Turds gaming site, accessible via Funsta.com, Codemasters’ international casual gaming online portal, and a network of partner gaming sites.

The first, Donkey Pong And The Adventures Of Rimdiana Jones, is now live at www.funsta.com/turds. The Turds are a collection of roguish comedic characters born from the best of toilet humour. The Turds satirise known characters from film, entertainment and sport, such as The Bogfather, Freddy Pooger, The Turdinator, Wayne Pooney, and characters from history, including Shat the Ripper, Brave Fart, and, of course, Adolf Sh*tler. Pacemaker UK’s range of The Turds figurines, posters, and soft toys has fast established a multi-million business with a loyal fan base that has been extended internationally.

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