Coolest Enemies in the Bitterblack Isle of Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen

These are five of the coolest and best-designed enemies in the Bitterblack Isle of Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen. This mysterious island was introduced to the game with the Dark Arisen expansion, and it features a plethora of unique and grotesque foes that were never seen in the base game.

For this list, I will avoid the most obvious enemies like Daimon or Death. Instead, I focus on certain mini-bosses and other enemies that are relatively more common than the main bosses of the expansion.

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Needless to say, I would recommend playing Dark Arisen in its entirety before reading this article if you want to avoid spoilers regarding the enemies.

Cursed Dragon

Coolest Enemies in the Bitterblack Isle of Dragon’s Dogma

Cursed Dragons are possibly the most grotesque enemy on this list. They are presented as boss fights and they are relatively rare. Appearance-wise, they resemble the Ur-Dragon. It’s unclear what type of dragons they must have been before being cursed, but in this form, they are quite formidable and equally intimidating. Instead of a heart, they have a crystal located in their chest, and attacking it is the best way to quickly bring it down.

Unlike other dragons that use lighting attacks or fire, cursed dragons spew a toxic breath on their foes. This attack will poison anything in its path and also rot many raw items in the party’s inventory. An Arisen found in the isle tells of how the putrid breath of these dragons has decimated other Arisen along with their armour. And that the breath is also capable of making the pawns go mad. It can be quite rewarding to overcome them, as there will be a chance for your equipment to be dragon forged.


Coolest Enemies in the Bitterblack Isle of Dragon’s Dogma

A giant wolf-like creature, Garms may appear to feast on the corpses of foes you have slain. They are necrophages that are extremely dangerous. Sometimes, they appear in packs of three, and taking them on at once can be a perilous task. Do not attempt it if you aren’t ready. They are surprisingly agile for their impressive size, and will not hesitate to drag the Arisen or his pawns and maul them to death.

Another dangerous attack of theirs is the breath that inflicts blindness. Without sufficient items to undo the effect, it’s foolish to attack a Garm head-on. Upon their demise, they will once again spew a blinding fog with their last breath.

Golden and Silver Knights

These undead knights are mysterious regarding their origin and are speculated to be ancient warriors who entered the Island for various missions. Golden knights are of the Fighter vocation, while the Silver Knights are Mystic Knights. They can appear as a duo or as solo enemies, but either way, they are forces to be reckoned with.

The Golden Knights constantly attack their foes with strictly strength-based attacks, and their armaments are exceptionally large. Silver Knights will assault with physical damage and magick-based attacks. Sometimes, they might even appear in trios. As groups, they are quite difficult to overcome. But they will drop valuable loot upon their death.


One of my personal favorite enemies of the entire game, Eliminators resemble the mythological Minotaurs that have the head of a bull and a humanoid body. These undead monsters in the game wear helmets that resemble a bull’s head, and it’s quite intimidating. The helms also look quite fashionable and you may obtain them upon killing an Eliminator. The poise of the Eliminators is exceptional and they knocking them down is nigh impossible.

They may also perform a stomping attack that deals nearly 35000 damage, making it one of the most damaging attacks of the entire game. They also employ charging attacks and savage combos with their huge hammers. It’s unclear what these creatures might be, exactly. But I have my reasons to think that they are truly endemic to the Bitterblack Isle and that they might be guardians of it. You may have noticed bull heads on the doors of the Isle that resemble the heads of Eliminators.

Prisoner Gorecyclopes

Prisoner Gorecyclopes is one of the largest enemies of this game, standing at more than a hundred feet. It’s not known just what managed to imprison these monsters, and you can simply ignore them if you aren’t ready to fight. They have spiked helmets and other binds all around their body, protecting against many attacks.

Once the chains and binds break off, they will savagely attack with overwhelming vigor. They’re also relatively rare and can almost always be found chained. They are very intimidating, and easily remain one of the most terrifying and spectacular monsters in the game.