Most Disciplined Fighters in Games

Discipline is one of the most important traits of a person, and these are the most disciplined fighters in video games who are capable of fending off even the most fearsome foes. These fighters remain calm and focused in almost every encounter, and they are pragmatic and straightforward. With training exercises for both the mind and the body, they have achieved the peak performance that can be expected from a warrior.

There are no exceptions to this list, and any character I consider to be superbly disciplined will be featured here. Of course, this list might not include the characters you had in mind.

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Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher franchise

Most Disciplined Fighters in Games

One of the most iconic and popular characters in fantasy RPG history, Geralt of Rivia was trained to become a professional monster slayer since his childhood. With training on how to handle swords and many other armaments, poisons, draughts and potions and even alchemical bombs, he is capable of creating opportunities that will lethally exploit his enemies.

The One-Armed Wolf from Sekiro

Most Disciplined Fighters in Games

Sekiro is the warrior that inspired me to write this article. He is a shinobi that was trained by one of the most legendary shinobis in the game’s history, the Owl. Apart from masterfully handling a katana and various different tools, he is as silent as a shadow when it comes to stealth. And his mental fortitude is exceptional, as well. He is very quiet and does not brag about his skills whatsoever, and is trained to perform perfectly, not show off. Ferociously loyal and honourable, Sekiro would best the very gods if his master intended it.

Batman from the Arkham franchise

Most Disciplined Fighters in Games

This is a very expected and obvious entry for a list like this. Young Bruce Wayne saw his parents gunned down in front of him and he was severely traumatised by it. As he grew up with his butler, Alfred, he began to take it upon himself to rid Gotham City of its criminals and to protect everyone in the city. He went through gruelling training to practice almost every single martial art in the world, learned criminal psychology and used his genius engineering skills to develop gadgets that would aid him in his battle against evil. By the time he became Batman, he had achieved an extreme degree of self-control and mental fortitude along with his physical prowess. And there are only a very limited number of persons in the Arkham Universe that could best him.

Master Chief from Halo

Another obvious pick for this list, John-117 is known as humanity’s most powerful weapon. He is a super soldier capable of handling almost every mission given to him with exceptional finesse and efficiency. Biologically modified since childhood, he does not -or cannot- let personal prejudice or feelings get in his way.

Ezio Auditore from Assassin’s Creed

Arguably the most professional Assassin in the franchise, Ezio was originally driven by his need for revenge, and he was very careless and angry. But after completing training and learning to kill for a cause, not for one’s own needs, he completed his missions in a very calm and composed manner. He rarely is angry at his enemies and wishes that everyone he kills would rest in peace. Ezio is also a powerful and wise leader who was kind and benevolent.