Dark Souls III is too difficult for you? Try this new easy mode!

A mod designed for all those who have thrown in the towel at the beginning of the adventure

All fans of retro games will know how difficult Ghosts ‘n Goblins was. And it wasn’t until almost 4 decades later that an opponent appeared: Dark Souls. FromSoftware brought us a complicated game franchise. And it has become very popular as one of the most complex and complicated games in the history of video games.

Because of this many players, usually don’t get past the first mission. Either because of how complicated it is or because they don’t have enough time (or patience) to master the game. But, thanks to a group of modders, new difficulty modes are coming to Dark Souls III: Easy, Very Easy, and Ultra Easy.

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Now you can enjoy the adventure without much hassle!

Dark Souls is a franchise that has evolved to another level in the gaming industry. To the point that it has become not only a reference but practically a genre of video games. And we all know how demanding souls-like games are. A section that you can like a lot, or that can completely alienate you.

And that’s exactly what has affected games like Bloodborne, Elden Ring, NiOh, and Dark Souls III. Therefore, a group of modders has decided to add new difficulties to Dark Souls III. This makes it easier for many players to live the adventure without having to see the death screen every 3 minutes. That said, Easy Souls III is finally available for download, offering the following 3 game modes:

  • Easy:+25% soul gain, -25% damage taken, +25% damage done.
  • VeryEasy: +50% soul gain, -50% damage taken, +50% damage done
  • UltraEasy: +75% soul gain, -75% damage taken, +75% damage done

Easy Souls III adjusts the damage caused by the enemies and the damage caused by our character. Thus creating the possibility of defeating enemies more easily and without losing so much life. It should be noted that, depending on the game difficulty you choose, you will not be able to change it during the game. So, do you think you can finally enjoy Dark Souls III without worrying so much about death?