Death in the Water 2 Preview: The perfect mix between The Forest and Subnautica

Death in the Water 2

Get ready to live an underwater horror adventure that will increase your thalassophobia.

In the survival adventure genre, there is an exponent that has always stood out since its official launch. Subnautica managed to bring this survival genre effectively to the maritime world. Although the game plays with thalassophobia to give it that aspect of horror, it falls short. But Lighthouse Games Studio has recently presented their next game that will surely surprise you. It’s called Death in the Water 2.

The indie studio, made up of two developers, released a short teaser showing off their next game. Death in the Water 2 presents a maritime survival adventure that will terrify you from start to finish. It’s undoubtedly a game that survival horror fans will enjoy.

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Get ready for what awaits you under the sea

The creators of the renowned game Comedy Night bring us a title that unconsciously comes to change the genre of survival horror related to the sea. In Death in the Water 2, we will have to face Death, a ferocious giant Kraken chasing you at all times while you venture into the vast maritime world.

For the greater understanding of survival horror fans, Death in the Water 2 is the perfect mix between The Forest and Subnautica. Even so, the game contains a well-crafted essence of its own that just by watching the trailer presented yesterday, you’ll be completely hooked.

Death in the Water 2

Although the game is not as pure survival horror as other games, every move you make is essential. Not only will the Kraken be after you, but also different sea animals and monsters (mermaids) will not hesitate to end your life.

Death in the Water 2 is the game that will make those who felt fear when playing Subnautica crap their pants. It is a game designed to revive that hidden thalassophobia that we all have. It is undoubtedly a game worth trying when it comes to PC via Steam in 2023.

If the game catches your attention, don’t hesitate to save it on your Steam wishlist. If you want to know more about the changes made by the indie studio in the game, we invite you to follow Ed on Twitter (one of the developers involved in the game).

Watch the game’s official trailer down below!