New Xbox Series X and S models planned for 2024


As the days go by, this week is getting more and more interesting. In the wake of the FTC’s case against Microsoft, we’ve started to see a lot of confidential information that we wouldn’t normally see. And The Elder Scrolls VI leak was just the tip of the iceberg! New documents have surfaced confirming that … Read more

Project Zomboid is an addictive zombie apocalypse simulator

Project Zomboid has become such an addiction of mine, and maybe not only for me, as I’ve seen that it has garnered a lot of recognition over the years, including from fans. It is just such a – how should I put it? – complete experience. The one and only objective is to survive, and … Read more

8 Best Lovecraftian Video Games

H.P. Lovecraft’s cosmic horror influence can be seen in movies, books, and even games. Here are the best Lovecraftian video games. The games on this unranked list were inspired by Lovecraft’s works in certain ways, but they may not be directly related to his novels. Cosmic horror is one of the most beloved genres ever … Read more

PlayStation announces Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Limited Edition PS5 Bundle

Spider-Man 2 PlayStation Bundle

It’s the first limited bundle with special designs on the PS5 console and controller. Despite the years that the PS5 has been on the market, the console has received almost no limited-edition bundles. Beyond the release of the God of War: Ragnarok controller or the official custom covers, there have been no major limited-edition bundles. … Read more

Barbie Xbox console and Forza Horizon 5 DLC announced

Xbox Barbie partnership

Barbie will hit theaters on July 21st. Hollywood and video games have always had a good connection from video game adaptations to collaborations between the two industries. However, this has been a bit lost. But, Microsoft, has announced a series of partnerships with Warner Bros. Pictures and Mattel to celebrate the upcoming release of the … Read more

Kudzu is a new adventure game coming to Game Boy (and possibly Nintendo Switch)


This new Game Boy game mixes adventure with RPG and life simulation. Do you like adventure games for Game Boy? Are you passionate about nature and gardening? Would you like to support an indie project that revives the spirit of Nintendo classics? If the answer is yes, then you’ll be interested to learn about Kudzu, … Read more

Minecraft The Incredibles DLC out now

The Incredibles Minecraft

Super skins, movie-based scenarios, and a crazy baby throwing laser with his eyes! With the game Minecraft, you may build and discover countless imaginary worlds. But occasionally, you might want a unique, extraordinary encounter. That’s why Mojang has teamed up with Oreville Studios and Walt Disney Games to bring you the latest DLC for Minecraft: The … Read more

Starfield Xbox controller and headphones are now available

limited edition Xbox controller and headphone

Xbox’s attention to detail in their limited editions is out of this world! We finally got to see a little more of Starfield. This new project from Bethesda Game Studios transports us to a new generation RPG set in space. The last Xbox Game Showcase shared new gameplay and more info about the game. A … Read more

Death Stranding Director’s Cut is coming to Mac

505 Games and Kojima Productions have announced that Death Stranding Director’s Cut is coming to Mac. According to the publisher, Death Stranding Director’s Cut will run natively on Apple silicon. It makes full use of Metal 3 features like MetalFX Upscaling, “allowing for unbeatable graphical fidelity and amazing performance.” Death Stranding Director’s Cut will retail … Read more

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom brings back the excitement of video games

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Long lines, sold-out reservations, and gamers stopping social media use to avoid spoilers for the game The video game landscape has changed a lot in the last 10 years. In fact, many gamers claim that after the massive digitalization of game stores, the magic of video games has been lost. But, beyond the giant leaks … Read more

Fallout TV series pictures show sets and costume design

Fallout 4

The Fallout TV series adaptation has a lot of potential but Amazon Prime Video is taking on production. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know Fallout. It’s an RPG franchise set in an alternate future where a nuclear war between the United States and China has devastated the world. The tone of … Read more

New Unreal Engine 5 project lets you explore Tokyo as if you were in an anime

Tokyo Project UE5

A playable demo that will fulfill the dream of many anime fans! Would you like to explore a futuristic Tokyo? Would you like to explore Japan as if you were inside an anime? Unreal Engine 5 is the most advanced graphics engine of the moment, capable of delivering spectacular results in terms of lighting, shadows, … Read more

The Last of Us Part I first person mod will blow your mind

A video presenting a mod pack that completely changes the experience of The Last of Us Part I. If you are a fan of The Last of Us and you have a powerful PC, you might be interested to know that there is a mod that lets you enjoy this Naughty Dog classic in first … Read more

The Importance of the First Boss in Elden Ring

In this article, we will be discussing the importance of the first boss in Elden Ring: Margit the Fell Omen. While he is technically an optional Great Enemy, I doubt that many players had any other major boss as their first in the game. I won’t discuss the lore of the Omen or delve deep … Read more

The Last of Us Part I patch 1.03 adds new content based on the HBO series

TLOU Part I shirt

Plus, many changes in the gunplay arrive in the remake of this incredible game! Are you a fan of The Last of Us? Do you love both the game and the upcoming HBO series? Then you’ll be happy to know that Naughty Dog has just released a new update. The Last of Us Part I … Read more

How to get the Crucible Knight armors in Elden Ring

Here’s how to get the Crucible Knight armors in Elden Ring. The two sets of Crucible Knights are very fashionable and powerful. Here’s where you can get them and also their stats. This article also includes the locations of the two bosses that you must defeat in order to get the sets, obviously. And some … Read more

World’s largest Donkey Kong arcade game to debut at The Strong Museum

Donkey Kong Arcade

All the museum’s visitors can play with the arcade just like the original (only a little bit bigger) Donkey Kong has always been present in some form in video games. The character, the soundtrack, the easter eggs, or even the game mechanics introduced by this franchise. He was even part of the new Super Mario … Read more

The Last of Us Part I PC launch is a disaster

TLOU P1 bug

Hundreds of bugs, overheated PCs, and even many burned PCs arrived before the game’s first hotfix. After the premiere of The Last of Us HBO series, the hype for the game’s arrival on PC was sky-high. In fact, on the first day of release, there were more than 30k simultaneous players on Steam. But, 80% … Read more