Doom 3 Demo on Extended Edition DVD

DOOM fans, brace yourselves for another barrage of Hell’s most heinous horrors! id Software and Activision have teamed with Universal Studios Home Entertainment to include a playable demo of DOOM 3 for Xbox as bonus content on the Unrated Extended Edition DVD release of Doom. The DOOM 3 demo includes two single-player and two multi-player levels, featuring both Co-Op and Deathmatch Xbox Live online game service enabled modes.

DOOM 3, a Microsoft Platinum Hits award-winning title, draws gamers into the most terrifying and riveting 3D gaming experience ever created as players fight their way to Hell and back in an epic clash against pure evil. The title was co-developed by id Software and Vicarious Visions, and is currently available nationwide for a suggested retail price of $29.99. You can read our review of the game by clicking this link and our review of the movie by clicking this link.

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