Dragon Quest Tact passes 3 million downloads

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Dragon Quest Tact

The mobile tactical RPG Dragon Quest Tact has surpassed 3 million downloads since its January 27 global release. To celebrate, Square Enix says that players can complete limited-time quests to earn a total of 2,000 gems.

“Players who have not yet begun their adventure can enjoy all of the above content, plus they can receive the iconic King Slime monster if they begin playing before 11:59 AM PT on February 28,” Square Enix says.

In Dragon Quest Tact, players embark on an epic journey to diminish the evil that plagues the world of Orchesterra. You’ll join forces with familiar Dragon Quest series monsters along the way to save the world. Strategically build teams of iconic monsters and direct them in heated battles that unfold on a grid-like map.
Dragon Quest Tact is available on Android and iOS. It is a free download with in-app purchases on the App Store and Google Play Store. Text is supported in English, French, Traditional Chinese, and Korean.

Watch the launch trailer below!