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Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter Coming to Wii and Nintendo DS

THQ today announced the next addition to its successful Drawn to Life franchise, Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter is currently in development exclusively for Wii and Nintendo DS. Featuring an innovative new action drawing feature and enhanced drawing tools, Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter will give players new creative tools and immerse them into new worlds they create and explore. The game is scheduled for release in fall 2009.

“Drawn to Life continues to be tremendously successful because it delivers a creative experience unlike any other game out there. Gamers of all ages love drawing their hero and seeing all of their creations come to life in the game, making it their own unique experience,” said Randy Shoemaker, vice president, global brand management. “Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter raises the creative bar with a totally new experience for both Wii and Nintendo DS fans alike.”

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