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Dreamcast’s Cool Herders Coming to Nintendo DS

Alten8 is pleased to reveal the first title for the Nintendo DS to be released by Alten8 during 2007. Working closely with Harmless Lion Studios, Alten8 is bringing this title to the market which will appeal to a wide variety of players of all ages and genders. With bright colorful characters and good gameplay, lead your flock of sheep to safety, protect them from dangers, and don’t just follow the herd.

Four player wi-fi action will feature in this great game, which is based on its original Dreamcast version but with all new features for the DS. It is a perfect first market entry for Alten8 as a publisher to launch itself into the console market. Full details will be released over the coming weeks of both this and the other future console titles from Alten8.

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Alten8 has a range of ten DS games in production and confirmed. This number is set to grow over the coming weeks with other further games in discussion. Some of the games under development will also cover PC and Wii versions as they progress, giving Alten8 various multi-format title releases.