Drunken Fist Review

Drunken Fist

Drunken Fist is a game about being piss drunk while going around and attacking strangers on the street. It’s a weird but unique concept for a video game. Unfortunately, the execution is just not there.

The game has you run around picking fights with jocks. Your drunken fisticuffs involve punches, kicks, simple combos, and a dodge. You can also walk or run, although if you run too fast you’ll trip over yourself and fall like a rag doll. The controls are intentionally awful to simulate being drunk.

Throughout the game there’s a meter that shows you how drunk you currently are. When this meter gets low, you have to drink more alcohol. You’ll find what look like beer bottles scattered throughout the environment as well as hamburgers that you can eat to regain health.

Of course, pissing goes hand-in-hand with drinking. So you’ll need to empty your bladder when your pee meter fills up. Be careful, though, since you can slip on your urine. You can also weaponize it since enemies slip on it too. So if you pee near an enemy as they’re charging you, they may take a tumble.

Amazingly, that’s about all there is to this game. So this review is going to be short and sweet.


Drunken Fist quite obviously does not take itself very seriously, so I am not going to treat it like a regular game. It relies on gimmicks and gags in a similar way as games like Goat Simulator. Once the gimmick wears off – and it will very quickly – there’s not a whole lot here.

This strikes me as something that I might at least try out if it was made available for free on Xbox Game Pass or Games with Gold, but I can’t see paying actual money for it. It may also make for an amusing gag gift – perhaps one with some not-so-subtle commentary.

Game Freaks 365 received a free review copy.

Recommendation | The novelty wears off pretty fast. It's the type of game that you'll play once and never play again.

Final Score | 1.5 out of 5

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