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DS: 2M in UK, 12M in Japan, 7.5M in America

A Nintendo press release today claimed that the company’s Nintendo DS handheld is the leading video game hardware for 2006 in the United Kingdom, beating handheld rival PlayStation Portable. According to Nintendo, there are 2 million Nintendo DS owners in the UK alone. The United Kingdom is behind Japan (over 12 million DS owners) and the United States (7.5 million DS owners). Across all of Europe, Nintendo has enjoyed software success with sales of over a million units for Brain Training: How Old Is Your Brain?, Animal Crossing: Wild World and New Super Mario Bros.

David Yarnton, General Manager, Nintendo UK added: “The ability of Nintendo DS to appeal to both gamers and non-gamers alike through an exciting, fun and innovative portfolio of software has been instrumental in its success in the UK, with many more Touch! Generations games launching this year and into 2007, Nintendo DS will continue to be the main driving force behind the expansion of the video game market this year.”

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