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E3 2010: Nintendo Press Conference

Live Blogging

12:01 – The show begins on time with Reggie. They start off with a video of Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Looks like it has cell-shaded graphics.
12:05 – Shigeru Miyamoto is holding a sword and shield. Sword play will use Wii MotionPlus.
12:08 – The motion controls don’t appear to be working the way they are supposed to. They claim it is 1:1, but clearly they are having some difficulties on the stage.
12:15 More unresponsive controls… just had to throw the bomb twice.
12:17 Miyamoto is trying to fly a beetle around the screen… Now he’s using a whip with Link to grab items, cut grass, etc.
12:19 New Zelda will come out next year.. even if the technical difficulties were do to interference from the crowd, I have to say that it definitely needs some polishing in the graphics department.
12:21 Reggie returns to talk about sports games. New Mario sports game, titled Mario Sports Mix for Wii, to include basketball, volleyball, hockey. Coming in 2011.
12:26 Mario Kart Wii has sold over 22 million copies and New Super Mario Bros. Wii has sold over 14 million copies globally. Wow!
12:27 Wii Party uses your Mii creations – “board game island” (looks kind of like Mario Party), “balance boat” and over 70 mini-games. Coming this holiday. Do we need more mini-games?
12:32 New GoldenEye is coming exclusively to the Wii… split-screen and online multi-player… Oh HELL YES!

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12:35 Warren Spector introduces Wii exclusive Epic Mickey. “Welcome to Wasteland… it’s a world both familiar and strange.” Uses old movie scenes, theme park rides, etc.
12:37 You paint and restore the world… “you can change the game world to save it”. Actions will change how characters treat you.
12:40 Three different game types involved: adventure, platform and action zones. 2D side-scrolling inspired by classic Disney cartoons.
12:42 Kirby is returning to home consoles in Kirby’s Epic Yarn. New art style with 2D gameplay. Looks like a classic Kirby game. Can’t wait to try it this fall!
12:47 Dragon Quest 9 is coming to DS July 11.
12:48 Metroid: Other M gets an August 31 release date. My birthday no less. Thanks Nintendo!
12:50 Retro Studios is busy at work on a new Donkey Kong side-scroller. Looks a lot like the classic Donkey Kong Country games… Donkey Kong Country Returns will come out this holiday season. Sounds like a packed holiday for the Wii.
12:53 Here comes Nintendo 3DS…
12:55 Satoru Iwata takes the stage to show off the 3DS… two screens, 3.5 inch display on the upper screen… they claim full 3D graphics without glasses
12:57 Adjusting a slider changes the “level” of 3D… you can turn it off if you want.
12:58 He hasn’t said so yet, but the picture seems to show an analog stick along with the touch-screen and control pad.
12:59 There you go… the analog stick is a “slide pad”. Gyroscope and motion sensors are built-in, along with two cameras. You can take photos and view them in 3D.
1:00 3D movie trailers will be available on the E3 show floor.
1:02 Kid Icarus Uprising is coming to the Nintendo 3DS… these graphics are comparable to the Wii.
1:08 Nintendogs+cats coming to the Nintendo 3DS
1:10 Third party developers are making the following games for Nintendo 3DS: Kingdom Hearts, Saint’s Row, Resident Evil, Batman, Assassin’s Creed, Metal Gear Solid.
1:17 A bunch of women with 3DS systems tethered to them just entered the theater to demonstrate for everyone sitting in the theater. This is hilarious.
1:19 What did everyone think of the show? Post on the forum
1:20 The show is over, but more coverage to come! Stay tuned on Game Freaks 365 for the latest Nintendo news and don’t forget to catch the Sony Press Conference at 3 EST.