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EA Releases Command and Conquer Generals Lost Mission

EA has announced that they have released a new mission for Command and Conquer Generals. Yes, the game from 2003. Directly from EA:

“Calling all CandC Generals fans around the world! I’ve been hinting at a little nostalgic Generals surprise we had planned today for the 6-year anniversary, and I think it’s a cool little gem of a download. It’s certainly worth re-installing CandC Generals for, unless you have it already installed and ready to go.

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The lost mission of Command and Conquer Generals – Black Sheep, is a never-before-seen and controversial Global Liberation Army mission which was not included in the game’s original 2003 release and has been hidden and securely stored away in a secret location at our EA Los Angeles development studio until today. CandC community, now you can download Black Sheep for free and unleash your inner General, and Toxin Tractor! Hit the link above to grab it.”

You can download their free mission at this link: http://www.commandandconquer.com/portal/site/generals/article/detail?contentId=a7004223c8faf110VgnVCM100000100d2c0aRCRD