Elden Ring Guide: Pure Strength Build for NG+

In this guide, let’s discuss how to make a great Pure Strength Build for NG+ in Elden Ring. This is a very overpowered build for Level 200 (or higher) characters.

Stats you need to invest in

This is a very simple section. Invest as many points as possible in our main category: Strength. 99 Strength is ideal. You don’t need a lot of Dexterity and about 15 points will be enough. I myself have only 11 in DEX. This is only for wielding certain weapons.

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The next two main stats are Vigour and Endurance. I have 80 Vigour, which is kind of too much. But the more health you have, the better this build is going to work. Because you will be depending on dodges, you must have the ability to tank hits. As you level up further, upgrade Vigour to 99, just for the heck of it. Admittedly, the soft cap of Vigour will make further upgrading kind of weak, however.

For Endurance, you need more than 40 points, minimum. In this build, you will be burning through Stamina, and there will be occasions when you need to wear very heavy armour. So, keep investing points in this category as well.


Because you have your main skills at maximum (that is, Strength, vigour and Endurance), do not use Soreseal talismans. While they’re really good, they increase your damage intake and we do not want that. Besides, Soreseals would be only a little useful. I advise you not to equip them.

Equip the Roar Medallion to boost your Roar attacks, which will be the Ashes of War we will use for this build.

A Pure Strength Build for NG+ in Elden Ring

You will need the Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman which reduces physical damage intake by a whopping 20%. With the super-high vigour and this talisman, it will take many hits for you to go down.

A Pure Strength Build for NG+ in Elden Ring

The other two Talismans can be whatever you prefer. I personally equip Erdtree’s Favour +2 to increase my Health, Stamina and Equip Load, and the Crimson Amber Medallion +2 to further increase my health. Another good talisman is the Bull Goat Talisman which boosts your poise.

Mixed Physick Flask

The main thing you should include in the Mixed Physick is the Stonebarb Cracked Tear which makes your attacks more likely to break enemy stances. While the other tear can be one of your choosing, I suggest the Leaden Hardtear which boosts your poise.

Weapons and Armour

A Night’s Cavalry enemy wielding the Nightrider’s Glaive, which is one of the best weapons for this build.

Any Strength-based heavy weapon is good for this build. But the ones I suggest are the Greatsword, Nightrider Glaive, Giant-Crusher and Grafted Blade Greatsword. All of these weapons scale greatly with Strength and have quite the heft behind their attacks.

I personally chose two Greataxes because I liked Godfrey, and they also work rather well. Be sure to infuse your weapons with the Heavy Affinity and a Roar Ash of War like Barbaric Roar, Troll’s Roar or Braggart’s Roar.

I must say that the Nightrider Glaive is probably one of the best weapons for this build because it has an S rank scaling in Strength with the Heavy affinity. The Giant-Crusher hammer also has an S rank in Strength with the Heavy Affinity. These two monsters can demolish foes with ease. Giant-Crusher can easily break enemy stance and the Nightrider Glaive’s range is very impressive.

As for armour, you can wear anything you like. But when fighting powerful enemies, try switching to heavy armour with good poise. For example, Lionel’s armour and Bull Goat Armour work great.

A Pure Strength Build for NG+ in Elden Ring
Lionel’s Armour is great for this build. Looks good too.


Let’s discuss how to use this build well. Imagine that you’re facing off against a boss. And let’s assume that you’re wearing heavy armour as I stated at the previous section’s end. Firstly, drink the Mixed Physick to further boost your poise (this adds up to the poise of your heavy armour and the talisman if you’re using it) and make you practically an unflinching tank. The Roar buff of the Mixed Physick will boost your roar attacks. Then charge into the enemy and activate your Roar Ash of War. Let’s assume that you’re using Braggart’s Roar or Barbaric Roar which changes your heavy attacks into fast and deadly combos. Because of your high poise, you will be able to withstand the enemy’s counterattacks. Continue to attack with your charged combos and break the enemy’s stance. This is the way you will utilise this build. Tank through hits, deliver combos of heavy attacks, break the enemy’s stance and do a critical hit.