Beating elden ring with a saxophone
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Elden Ring player completes no-hit run with an electric saxophone

If making a no-hit run in Elden Ring is complicated, imagine doing it with an electric saxophone. The community of Souls-like game fans is getting bigger and bigger. But, many of us don’t give the recognition it deserves to a part of this community that tries to complete no-hit speedruns.

Streamer DrDeComposing claims to be the first player to make a no-hit run of FromSoftware’s RPG using the non-traditional controller. DrDeComposing was able to beat Elden Ring with a saxophone! And best of all, he’s got video proof!

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A unique milestone for the Souls-like community

The community behind Souls-like games is one of the most impressive in gaming. We are already used to seeing them passing games with a speedrun or a no-hit. Better yet, we’ve seen players beat the game with unconventional controllers like guitars, sim racing wheels, or dance mats.

The streamer DrDeComposing has reached a historic milestone in video games by combining these two modalities. The streamer took to Twitter to share a video of this incredible milestone using an electric saxophone to beat Elden Ring and made a no-hit run.

As we can see in the video, it was not an easy task at all. DrDeComposing uses what looks like a Roland AE-05 electric saxophone. It is anything but ergonomic to use as a controller. That’s why this feat is unbelievable both inside and outside the Souls-like community.

But this could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back so that many more players will dare to achieve this, but with other devices as controllers. Therefore, we applaud DrDeComposing for such a feat that consolidates him as one of those players who have managed to make a name for themselves in the industry!