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Why Elden Ring won Game of the Year over God of War: Ragnarök

Why Elden Ring won Game of the Year over God of War: Ragnarök

FromSoftware took the biggest award, but why?

Last night we finally had the most awaited gala in the gaming industry: The Game Awards. All the speculations about who would win the awards have come to an end, leaving two clear winners in the different categories: Elden Ring and God of War: Ragnarök. But, the Game of the Year award has raised a certain amount of opinions about the winner.

At The Game Awards 2022, FromSoftware’s Elden Ring has taken the Game of the Year award. Many people think that God of War: Ragnarök deserved it. So why did Elden Ring win the award? What makes FromSoftware’s game stand out from Santa Monica Studios’ PS5 exclusive?

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A “new” game

Elden Ring and God of War: Ragnarök have similar elements – the open world, the action, the adventure, and a deep story. In fact, you’ve probably read some of our Elden Ring lore articles. Still, for most gamers, God of War: Ragnarök offers a more complete package. So why did God of War: Ragnarök lose last night’s GOTY? Although there is no official explanation for the decision, consider these three main aspects: Elden Ring‘s infinite replayability, the limitations of GOW‘s storyline, and that Elden Ring is a “new” game.

Elden Ring

But, they are both new games, aren’t they? Yes and no. It’s time to explain it better. Elden Ring, even though it is indirectly a continuation of the Souls saga, is a totally different game. But, with Ragnarök, we don’t have that feeling. Ragnarök, clearly, is a continuation of God of War from 2018 that we were waiting for so much, the finalization of the story that left us waiting to know what would happen in that father-son relationship.

That feeling of being a continuation and not a new game is what has condemned God of War Ragnarök in these awards. I hear you saying: “But, The Last of Us Part II is also a sequel.” Yeah, sure, but the difference in years since the release of The Last of Us and its sequel has made it feel like a whole new game. But, as we’ve said before, God of War Ragnarök doesn’t feel that way.

If Ragnarök had come out last year, it would have clearly won the GOTY. This year, Elden Ring simply posed something better. The organizers had already told us last year that they were not planning to choose their favorite game but the one that offers the best gaming experience. Although God of War offers an amazing gaming experience, Elden Ring can offer it for much longer.

Congratulations to FromSoftware for winning the GOTY with Elden Ring, and hats off to Santa Monica Studios’ work on God of War Ragnarök. Both games are worthy of the award, but only one could win. These are our explanations for why they chose the game that they did.

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