Farmville 3 pre-registrations are open ahead of November 4 release date

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FarmVille 3

The third edition of Zynga’s classic farm management game is just around the corner.

Zynga announced today that pre-registration for their forthcoming product, FarmVille 3, is now available. Over 150 animal varieties will be available in FarmVille 3, ranging from chickens and cows to exotic new pets like friendly tigers and fluffy alpacas.

New animals and more

In this updated version of the famous farm management game, players may adopt, nurse, and raise young animals such as beautiful chicks, lambs, piglets, and many more. Players will be given unique agricultural products to aid them on their trip as a reward for their parenting efforts.

In FarmVille 3, we’ll see the return of one of the series’ most famous and beloved characters. Marie, who was introduced in the game’s debut video just a few hours ago, will guide and greet both the FarmVille community and new players wanting to set up property for the first time.

Marie will be joined by a cast of over 30 other farmhands. To assist players on their farm-building quest, each character will be provided with useful talents such as baking, fishing, lumberjacking, and crafting.

Weather impacts your farm

Furthermore, for the first time in the series, the weather will affect both your plants and your animals. Players will be able to check the in-game weather prediction and utilize it to their advantage to increase the output of their next harvest or fishing excursion, rain or shine.

“Twelve years ago, FarmVille burst onto the gaming scene, creating a loyal following that has drawn over 700 million installs for the FarmVille series worldwide,” said Bernard Kim, President of Publishing at Zynga.

“Today, we are thrilled to open pre-registration for FarmVille 3. The game has been uniquely designed to captivate the imagination of the many players who have enjoyed FarmVille over the past decade, as well as the enthusiasm of a new generation of gamers,” he added.

Players can pre-register now by clicking here to stay up to date with the latest news on FarmVille 3 and be among the first to be alerted when the game launches. FarmVille 3 will be available at launch on November 4 on iOS and Android devices worldwide, as well as Apple’s MacOS for M1 MacBook Pro laptops and iMac.

Watch the game reveal trailer down below!