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Features from GTA: San Andreas We’d Love to See in Grand Theft Auto VI

These are some of the best and most fun features from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas that we’d love to see return in Grand Theft Auto VI.

Many Grand Theft Auto fans agree that San Andreas was one of the franchise’s best entries, if not the best. Thanks to its expansive gameplay and the abundance of side activities, hundreds of hours of playtime and excellent replay value were guaranteed. Even today, many players revisit this legendary title for the sake of nostalgia and to experience the gameplay.

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Without further ado, let us count down some of the best Features from GTA: San Andreas that we’d love to see return in the upcoming Grand Theft Auto VI.

Accessible Restaurants and Shops

Features from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas That We’d Love to See Return in GTA VI

In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, many prominent restaurants from the GTA universe, like Cluckin’ Bell and Burger Shot, were accessible, and they were an important part of the game world that made it feel alive and dynamic. While restaurants were also accessible in Grand Theft Auto IV, they served little purpose.

In San Andreas, regular visits to these restaurants to sit down for meals were important to maintaining CJ’s health. While the food variety was not quite impressive in San Andreas, the developers could implement it in GTA VI and improve it in every aspect. For example, multiple food items with various effects on the player would make the game deeper and more engaging.


Features from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas That We’d Love to See Return in GTA VI

GTA San Andreas featured multiple gyms the player could visit, and with progress, their muscles would visibly grow, making them significantly stronger. The character’s endurance was also affected by exercising at the gyms, and regular visits were important to control weight gain and body fat.

Also, muscle gain and endurance could be maintained and upgraded not only by going to the gym but engaging in other physical activities like running, swimming, and cycling. This feature is one that made San Andreas special and realistic. While we haven’t seen it in any other GTA games, if it would return in GTA VI, surely players would welcome it.

Also, NPCs and characters reacted to the player’s physical body, and certain missions couldn’t be done without vigorous training at the gym, or maintaining a good diet. If body maintenance elements return in GTA VI, other characters’ reactions must also make a return. That would promote the replay value of the game, as well.


While romance was a gameplay element in other GTA games like Grand Theft Auto V, they weren’t as deep as that of San Andreas. At the time of San Andreas’s release, the romance system caused many controversies, too.

With each date with your partners, their affection towards you would rise or lessen. It was important to pay attention to the partners and learn what they liked.

Not only that, but certain characters had preferences regarding CJ’s physique, clothes, and vehicles. This is another feature that would make a fine addition to GTA VI.

Gang Wars

Because GTA San Andreas was set in a violent world overrun with rival gangs, you could gather members of your own gang and raid other hoods in an attempt to overtake them. Depending on the rivals’ strength and your own preparation, you would gain more territory or lose them.

And your own territories were occasionally raided by other gangsters, as well. It made for intense but dynamic gameplay. You had to keep an eye on your hood. GTA VI could include this in the game and improve it, making the fights feel truly brutal and significant.

Purchasable Properties

Features from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas That We’d Love to See Return in GTA VI

This was possible in some other GTA games as well, not only in GTA San Andreas. But there is no denying that it was a great feature. GTA VI could take this even further by allowing you to customize your properties.

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