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FIFA 07 Xbox 360 Hands-On Preview

“Soccer has always had a difficult time making inroads in North America. Baseball, basketball, football and hockey have been the main sports titles for years, but something changed in 2006. The World Cup in Germany took place earlier this year, advertised across the networks and broadcast on ESPN. As a result, EA raked in the money for their FIFA World Cup 2006 across all platforms, including the Xbox 360, with total unit sales reaching over 500,000 to date. Unfortunately, the product wasn’t very well received from critics. The game lacked the game modes that make soccer enjoyable (season) and the graphics were not exactly up to next-gen standards.” To read our full hands-on preview of FIFA 07 for the Xbox 360 from EA Canada, please click this link. FIFA 07 will be available in stores on October 31 for the Xbox 360 and is currently available for PlayStation 2, PSP and Xbox.