Final Fantasy VII Remake limited edition vinyl soundtrack revealed

The Final Fantasy VII Remake soundtrack is getting a limited edition release on vinyl, Square Enix Music and Sony Music announced today.

The 2 LP vinyl record set features 20 “carefully selected tracks” from both the long-awaited Final Fantasy VII Remake and the timeless PS1 classic, Final Fantasy VII. The package includes two picture discs featuring renderings of Cloud and Sephiroth from the 1997 original and upcoming remake.

The full tracklist is below!

Disc 1 ‒ Side A: The Prelude/Tifa’s Theme/Let the Battles Begin!/Flowers Blooming in the Church

Disc 1 ‒ Side B: Turks’ Theme/Hurry!/Scorpion Sentinel/Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII

Disc 2  ‒Side C: The Prelude/Opening – Bombing Mission/Tifa’s Theme/ Shinra, Inc./Let the Battles Begin!/Turks’ Theme

Disc 2 ‒ Side D: Flowers Blooming in the Church/Who…Are You? /Fight On! /Fanfare/The Chase/Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII

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