Free GBA Games Now Available for 3DS Ambassadors

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When Nintendo dropped the price of the Nintendo 3DS from $250 to $180 it upset a lot of their loyal fans. The system had only been out for a few months and the price was dropped by more than a third. Keenly aware of the heartache, Nintendo announced that they would be giving away twenty free games to those early 3DS adopters.

The Ambassador program rolled out slowly, first offering ten NES games about a month after the August price cut. Now Nintendo is getting around to the games that people are actually excited about: ten free Game Boy Advance games. The list includes favorites from Mario Kart to Zelda.

The way to access your free games is a bit wonky, so follow these instructions. You will want to go to the eShop channel where you will open the “Settings / Other” menu on the far left. Scroll down to select “Your Downloads” and the games should be listed there. You can then download them using the “Redownload” icon on the screen. The full list of free GBA games is below:

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
F-Zero: Maximum Velocity
Kirby and The Amazing Mirror
The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap
Mario Kart: Super Circuit
Mario vs. Donkey Kong
Metroid Fusion
Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi’s Island
Wario Land 4
WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgames