Game of Thrones Winter is Coming introduces an all-new Night King Invasion Mode

Game of Thrones Winter is Coming

Attack the White Walkers’ territory and defeat the Night King to emerge victorious in Game of Thrones Winter is Coming.

Yoozoo Games announced today that a significant upgrade to their online browser game, Game of Thrones Winter is Coming, is coming this September 16. The latest update to the popular real-time MMO game adds a new invasion event that features the entrance of the Night King and his army.

Winter is Coming.

The terrible lord of the White Walkers is marching his army towards Winterfell during this new Invasion event in Game of Thrones Winter is Coming, and players must swiftly unite to protect the lands of man against his fearsome undead force.

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The might of the 500-man White Walker alliance will be reflected in the Rankings, where players can compete with them. To effectively repel the enemy invasion, players must actively attack the White Walkers’ land and defeat the Night King.

The Night King Commander will get a new talent called Scorching Treachery, which allows him to compel the enemy’s dragon to attack the enemy’s most strong lineup all at once, causing tremendous damage. To obtain this character, players may play the White Walkers mode and collect strong Night King Commander Fragments for free.

Game of Thrones Winter is Coming is a PC browser real-time strategy game based on the award-winning television series, Game of Thrones. If you want to join the game, just go to the game’s website by clicking here.

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