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Games with the dumbest NPCs

Non-playable characters in certain games are meme material, thanks to their utterly foolish behavior. These are some of the prime examples of idiotic NPC behavior. These are the big-budget games with the dumbest NPCs.

Far Cry 6

Games with the dumbest NPCs

I’m half amused by the NPCs of Far Cry 6 and half infuriated. The last Far Cry game to have smart NPCs was Far Cry 2, all the way back in 2008. We’ve yet to see another innovative and immersive Far Cry game like that.

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So, the characters of Far Cry 6 are quite dumb. They drive their vehicles right in front of you, run into gunfire, stand still for your horse to trample them, and so on. Every single Far Cry game (other than 2) features these types of NPCs, and we can’t help but laugh at them.

However, there are times when this becomes such an annoyance. Just imagine one of these zombies in human form standing right in front of you when you’re making a daring escape from Anton Castillo’s military.

In all seriousness, it’s quite disappointing how the NPCs of Far Cry haven’t received an intelligent AI after all these years.

Assassin’s Creed

Games with the dumbest NPCs

I’m not talking about a particular Assassin’s Creed game here. Almost every single game has NPCs that are… NPCs. This franchise has been a stealth-focused one since the beginning, but they’ve taken a turn with the newer titles since Origins.

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All of these games have the dumb NPCs in common. Stealth is hilariously easy to pull off in these games because the enemies have severe hearing problems and eyesight issues.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Games with the dumbest NPCs

NPCs in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion are so funny, you can’t even get mad at them. The voice acting is hilarious, with multiple characters having the wrong dialogue.

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The way they speak is the funniest, in fact. They stare at you dead in the eyes and utter their voice lines in such an unnatural way. However, if the NPCs of Oblivion weren’t this bizarre, it wouldn’t have made the game so good, at least for me.

Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is a game with a ton of NPCs, like many other games in the Fallout franchise. And like many other Bethesda RPGs, the NPCs in Fallout 4 can have great stories attached to them.

But their dumb side comes out in combat. They miss too many shots and are more like cannon fodder than actual companions that help you in combat. And there are times when they actually misfire their shots at you.

Sometimes it’s just a better idea to fight on your own, in order to avoid all the annoyance regarding NPC companions.


Halo‘s enemies are some of my favorites in gaming, and that’s not particularly thanks to their AI. But they’re quite varied and it’s great to hunt these iconic aliens down.

I’m talking about the friendly NPCs in these games. Especially when they’re driving or riding shotgun, they act completely unhinged. Just try to remember the number of times a UNSC Marine drove your Warthog into obstacles or over cliffs.

Their ability to handle heavy firearms on vehicles is just as impressive. Even with your evasive maneuvers and good driving, they miss their targets. It’s best for you to just dispatch them yourself.