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Elden Ring Lore: Godrick’s Humiliating Loss Against Malenia

Elden Ring Lore: Godrick’s Humiliating Loss against Malenia

Today in Elden Ring lore, let’s look at Godrick’s humiliating loss against Malenia. It’s the story of how this cocky and arrogant Demi-God insulted the One-Armed Valkyrie and suffered greatly for it. It is a rather comedic tale.

In this article, let’s explore this topic further and try to unveil what really happened. Please note that there are obviously plot spoilers.

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The Greatsword Monument in Limgrave

Elden Ring Lore: Godrick’s Humiliating Loss against Malenia

There’s a Greatsword Monument in Limgrave near the Gatefront Ruins and it says this:

“Godrick the Golden, humiliated
Having tasted defeat by the Blade of Miquella
Now on his knees, begging for mercy”

So, the feeble Godrick thought it was a good idea to insult Malenia, who had never lost a single battle before. The obvious outcome of this reckless display by the self-proclaimed lord was to face a swift defeat and to kneel before the Blade of Miquella, begging for mercy.

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Kenneth Haight’s account

Kenneth Haight, who is – according to himself – the rightful ruler of Limgrave, knows very well about this incident as well. He also adds a bit more information that fortifies the fact that Godrick is indeed, a puny, conceited fellow who simply plays as a lord.

This is quite ironic, considering that he calls out the Tarnished as one who ‘plays as a Lord’. But I digress…

“Honestly, Godrick’s no more than a jumped up country bumpkin. Lord? Don’t make me laugh. First he hid himself amongst the womenfolk to flee the capital, then hid from Radahn in that castle… Then he insulted Malenia, lost to her in battle, only to lick her boots rather than die like a man. Has he no shame, the big girl’s blouse? And to think, he’s the blood of Godfrey! Last of the golden lineage, though you almost wouldn’t know it to look at him. I almost feel sorry for the chap the more I think of it.”

According to Kenneth, Godrick escaped the capital city of Leyndell alongside the womenfolk. This was after he collected a number of valuables from the capital, possibly without permission, and took them with him.

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He hardly sounds like Lord Godfrey’s kin, does he? All this information suggests that he’s merely a despicable being undeserving of respect or renown. And he actually taints the name of Lord Godfrey by being… himself.

Kenneth also says that Godrick actually licked Malenia’s boots in a desperate attempt to keep his measly head on his shoulders. Now, that is even worse than groveling at her feet. While I do suspect that some people in the fanbase would’ve loved to be in Godrick’s boots at that time, there is still no denying that it’s the humiliation of the year.

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