Gladihaters is a new 2D cyberpunk pixel-art game coming to Steam later this year

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The Portuguese indie studio Aden Interactive just announced its new strategy 2D pixel-art game, Gladihaters. A demo is available during Steam Next Fest.

Gladihaters is a single-player PC game with 2D pixel-art management and fighting in which you play as the warden of a cyberpunk prison arena. As a warden, you don’t have to win every battle; in fact, letting a prisoner die may be more profitable.

The game includes a unique blend of fighting, strategy, and management action as you explore a rich dystopian future jail and society, making it a unique cyberpunk 2D pixel-art game with outstanding visuals and beautiful animations.

Meet the team

Aden Interactive is the team behind this new cyberpunk indie game. This Portuguese studio is a small game developer and publisher which operates all around the world. The company’s goal is to immerse their actual and new audiences in game worlds rich in detail and emotion.

“Gladihaters started in IPCA Game Jam 2019, in which we had 48 hours to develop a game with the theme ‘sacrifice.’ We figured that a gladiator arena in which prisoners fight each other to the death was a good idea. The twist was that the players only control a prison warden, who shouts commands to those prisoners to make them win or lose,” says Rafael Silva, Creative Director from Aden.

Gladihaters screenshot

He adds: “This created a fun and unexpected take on the serious theme. The reception in the Game Jam was very good as the other developers and jury, awarded Gladihaters with the best Art, Music and third place in the Game Jam.”

Speaking of best music, Gladihaters has captivating synth-based cyberpunk music that will transport you to this gloomy dystopian future.

Try the demo

There’s a free public demo available on Steam Next Fest from June 16 to June 22. Aden Interactive is looking to release the final version of the game in October for $11.99 on PC via Steam.

Watch the Gladihaters trailer down below!